Do you accept CEA cards?

We don’t accept CEA cards. We don’t have anything against them, they serve a really useful purpose for some people. However they’re not quite Sundown enough for us.  Actually we think they’re a bit restrictive.  They’re only available to people in receipt of specific benefits or if they’re registered blind, they only last a year and you have to pay £6 to have one. Oh and children under 8 can’t have one.

We think this may exclude some people and sometimes someone may need a companion for an outdoor event when you wouldn’t for an indoor event.  Also some illnesses can happen rapidly and applying for a CEA card might not be high on someone’s to do list.  If you think you need a companion to attend an event then you can get one from us without a CEA card. Simply book your ticket as normal then email us at tickets@sundowncinema.co.uk with your reference number and we’ll be in touch with a companion ticket.

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