Administrator and Customer Service Support Officer (2) Downloadable PDF  Based Hitchin, potential for some homeworking

Can you smile for five hours? Can you make a film feel more than just 120 minutes of cinema?  Do you think you can do this if you’re taking tickets, serving popcorn or directing cars?  If the answer is yes and you’d like to help out at one or more of our events then drop us a line.

Some of the things you may be asked to do include:


You’re the first person our guests see.  They have a car full of friends and they don’t know where to park – You appear – you are instantly the most important person in their life. You are Richard Gere to their Debra Winger. Our guests need to know that they’re arrived at the right place the first time they set eyes upon your glorious hi-viz jacket.  You’ll wave at them and point them in the right direction and they will adore you! Probably.  You’ll ensure that systems are in place for late arrivals and signage is ready for after the film.  



Having been greeted by Richard Gere at the gate expectations will be high as guests wander from car to the gate.  They are not disappointed as they are met by someone as unflappable and suave as yourself.  Like James Bond, but without the licence to kill – no problem is too big as you scan and check people’s tickets.  You may have to ask people to leave their glass at the gate (or alcohol in their car depending on the venue) but you do so with such panache and with such an endearing style they love you for it.  You are on fire and your crowd love you.  After everyone has been waved in, you’ll be making sure that everyone is happy and in the unlikely event that it rains you’ll be making sure that anyone who needs one gets a poncho.  You are Batman, but dispensing popcorn and poncho’s instead of vigilante justice.  


Behind every good cinema screen there’s a projector, lots of cables, guy ropes, gazebos and a van or two…and unlike HAL they don’t work on their own.  You’ll need a driving license, be happy to drive a small van or tow a trailer and be comfortable doing jobs that are sometimes physical.  You don’t need to be Arnie, Van Damme or the one that no-one can spell – but the job does require some lifting.


Site Safety:

We turn blank canvases into outdoor cinemas and return them to the state we found them in at the end of the event.  The site has to be clean and safe at all times for our guests and staff.  You’ll be Harvey Keitel in your ability to solve problems and make sure that no popcorn, litter or bodyparts are left at the end of the night…


For all roles you’ll need to be over 18, allowed to work in the UK.  Your role each night may vary and depending on the night and requirements you may be expected to switch between roles.  If you’re interested please drop Nick a line with a short letter explaining why you’d be perfect and with a reference who can attest to your star quality.  All messages to nick@sundownscreens.co.uk .

All tasks require enthusiasm, professionalism and flexibility.  What we do is fun but the job is a serious one – we pay above the National Living Wage set by the Government and value our staff as an integral part of the Sundown Cinema experience.

Please note this not a permanent post and is only for a few very special nights a year.  This year we will require staff throughout July, August and September.